'The Home-Builders Christian Ministry International' as the name implies, is a Christian Ministry designed for building God's people for his kingdom, and building families in a Christian way, with the church arm 'The Home-Builders Christian Centre' commonly known as the 'Happy Family Church' due to it's impact in the areas of development in the family unit, building and sustaining marriages in the Christian way, building happy homes sustained in the biblical standard for marriage; and to provide help and humanitarian services for the downtrodden, underprivileged, and the handicapped. The Home-Builders Christian Ministry International is aimed at propagating the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ as presented in the Holy Bible, which essentially entails a call for a life of repentance from sins and all evil practices and a challenge to be abiding in a Christian life of holiness unto God - the Creator of humanity, and relative in love and brotherliness with the rest of humanity. To create an Atmosphere for the training and raising of godly children thereby building the nation as a whole


"The reality of a true happy family begins in our minds; if you have a happy family, you have a future"

 - Apostle Israel Oku